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 Doctors, Dentist, Hospitals, Emergency services, Pediatrician's, On calls, experienced in all medica



Plumbers, Hvac, Septic and drain, Electrical, Maintenance, , Tow trucks, Cities, County, State, Municipalities



Property management, Resort check in's , Reservations, After hours information, real estate, Order taking, banking and financial services.

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24 hour 7 day phone coverage

If you need assistance with your phone answering all day or just after hours. Calls Unlimited is you best choice. Let our personalized trained operators be there when  you are not !

Never Miss an " Important Call Again"

Calls unlimited understands how important your calls are. Our local operators handle every call with a personal touch. Don't rely on an answering machine, your cell phone or out of state answering service with your business.

Start saving money today

Transfer your phones and get the first 3 months free. No hidden fees. No up front costs. Each new account can choose their pricing plan . We bill by call count or by the minute which ever works best for you. Start saving money today.

Accepting new customers this month

Calls Unlimited has opened up its enrollment this month for new businesses. Email us for an easy set up form to get started today. Take the next step, act now and contact us.

Your phones are the heart of your business

Who's answering your phone today? The voice on the phone is the face of your company. Does your answering service understand your business and know your company?  Let our personalized touch handle your next call.

Reduce your stress, free up your time, start enjoying your business

There's no doubt that you are the best person to handle your calls. There's also no doubt that phones can be stressful and always ring at the worst time. Reduce your stress, relax and let the professionals help. 

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Let our trained staff take your stress away and free up your valuable time.  In the message box please provide us with the type of business, city/state, contact info and what are your specific needs.

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